Lunch Menu

Lunch served from 12pm- 5pm Mon to Sat

Bigger Bites

Winters Burger    3,4,8,11                                                                             €17.95
Flamed grilled with Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato and Mustard Mayo, served with Fries    

Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom Vol au Vent    3,4,8,11,13                                 €14.95
With Crispy Salad and Fries

Blackened Salmon    3,4,5,8,11,13                                                                 €18.95
With Corn, Tomato and Avocado Salad

Chicken Curry    3,4,8,11                                                                               €16.95
Chicken Breast in a Hot and Spicy Creamy Sauce with Boiled Rice

Pasta Carbonara    3,4,8,11                                                                           €16.95
With Smoked Bacon in a Rich Creamy Sauce with Fresh Penne Pasta, Garlic Bread

Vegetable Stir Fry    3,4,8,10,11,13                                                                €18.95
Served with Noodles or Rice


7oz 35 Day Dry Aged Fillet    3,4,8,11                                                            €35.95
10oz 35 Day Dry Aged Sirloin    3,4,8,11                                                        €33.95

The Above Steaks are Served with Beer Battered Onion Rings, House Mash and Fries.
Choice of Pepper Sauce or Garlic Butter

Allergen Details

1.Peanuts, 2. Nuts, 3. Dairy, 4. Eggs, 5 Fish, 6. Shellfish, 7. Soya, 8. Gluten, 9. Sesame Seeds, 10. Celery, 11. Mustard, 12. Lupin, 13. Sulphites


Soup of the Day    3, 8, 10                                                                              €5.50
With Homemade Wheaten Bread


Add soup to your sandwich for €4
Roast Chicken, Warm Stuffing, Garlic Aioli on Granary Bread    3,4,8,11              €8.95
Ham and Cheese on a Toasted Ciabatta     3,4,8,11                                           €8.95
Ultimate Tuna Melt on Sourdough Bread    3,4,5,6,8,11                                    €10.95
Hot and Spicy Chicken and Vegetable Wrap    3,4,8,11                                     €13.95


Winter’s Green Salad    3,8,11                                                                       €10.95
Fresh Leaves, Cherry Tomatoes, Mixed Peppers, Red Onion and Avocado drizzled with Homemade Vinaigrette.
Cajun Chicken Salad     3,4,8,11                                                                    €11.95
Roasted Chicken Breast, Cherry Tomatoes, Mixed Peppers, Diced Beetroot with Mixed Leaves.