I pulse emits a beam of intense pulse light which our qualified and registered practitioners use to improve the skin or to remove hair. Ipulse technology is non-invasive and protects the skin by using exactly the right wave-length of light for each client's skin tone. Ipulse has been awarded the internationally recognised FDA approval and CE medical approval which is only granted to treatments that are clinically proven to be safe and effective.

Hair removal

Ipl laser is the most up to date non-invasive and effective therapy for the permanent removal of body and facial hair. The technology utilises light to disable cells within the hair follicle and stops them growing back.

Facial Rejuvination

Designed to combat damage to the skin caused by harsh elements, ageing and hormone changes. This non-invasive advanced light therapy improves the skins appearance by altering structures beneath the surface. It is used to treat tired ageing skin, open pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

Red Vein Removal

Ipl treats broken veins under the skins surface by altering the structure of the blood vessel walls and causes the vessel to coagulate leaving clear and Un- blemished skin.

Pigmentation removal

Ipl can reduce and remove pigmentation lesions such as age spots sun damage and freckles caused by excessive melanin production. Ipl targets the melanin in the area and encourages natural desquamation to remove the excess melanin leaving a more natural even skin tone.

Acne treatment

Ipl treats mild to moderate acne by using light to destroy bacteria which causes acne. It also stimulates oxygen which creates an atmosphere which prevents further bacteria development and boosts the skins internal cleansing system.

A detailed consultation and patch test is required for all Ipulse treatments. Course of 6-10 treatments are recommended.

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