New Generation LPG Endermologie for face and body

Endermologie Massage Release Fat and Firm the Body

The Roll in, Roll Out, Roll Up method gently and intensively conditions the skin to eliminate fatty deposits by increasing lymphatic circulation, reactivating lipolysis and stimulating collagen and elastin

(Body suit required available in secret spa at a cost of €18)

Endormolift - Face

Non Aggressive anti-aging treatment. Replenishes the skin and reduces the signs of aging.


Slims down fat * Smooths Cellulite * Firms Skin * Re-Sculpts Figure

Secret Spa has the "Secret " to younger, firmer, rejuvenated skin on your face and neck to a re-sculptured figure which smooths cellulite and firms your body.

The Unique technique is a scientific breakthrough which will bring your skin back to life and release fat and firm wherever you like. Treatments are non invasive and pain free.

The Advanced Nutritional Programme can be used to enhance any environ facial and Germaine de Capuccini body treatments


- Anti-Aging Replumping Endermolift Suitable for faces prone to hollowed cheeks. 30 Min €60


- Anti-Aging Firming Endermolift Suitable for faces prone to sagging skin.               30 Min €60


- Anti-Aging Resculpting Endermolift Suitable for faces prone to thickening.                    30 Min €60

Body Endermologie

Slimming * Resculpting * Cellulite Smoothing * Firming Treatments

 Classic Treatments

  • Cellulite Smoothing
  • Firming & Contouring
  • Total Care
  • Cellulite Draining
  • Android
  • Endermo-Draining

“Secret spa was awarded Dublins Number 1 Medi Spa of 2015.  Our New State Of The Art LPG Machine was a huge contributor to the accolade”

Treatments are also available for men

Call to make an appointment for your free consultation , pricing is subject to the area which you are treating . For best results we highly recommend you booking a course which your therapist will advise. Special rates are available when booking a course.