Secret Spa Signature Treatments available at Aiport View Hotel

Secret Spa Signature Treatments

Secret Spa Signature Facial 75mins €85

Commencing with a relaxing aromatherapy back massage followed by a luxurious Germaine De Cappucini facial to encapsulate you into a total state of relaxation for body and mind.

Secret Spa Signature Massage

Our massage combines the soothing powers of touch and skillful manipulation of muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Muscle tension is relieved, blood and lymph flow is improved and the entire body, mind and spirit is re-energised and re-freshed.

  • Back Massage 30mins €60
  • Back of Body Massage 40mins €70
  • Full Body Massage 60mins €90
  • Indian Head Massage 25mins €45
  • Oriental Spice Hot Oil Full Body 60mins €95

Add to your massage experience by choosing from our special blend of essential oils to enhance the benefits for both body and mind.

Relax Oil

Active (circulation)

Svelte (slimming)

Aqua (moisturising)

Vitality (toning)

Hot Stone Therapies

A pure form of energy that combines marble and onyx stones for that extra touch of luxury. A deeply relaxing treatment to relieve stress, aching muscles and promote a feeling of well being. Hot and cold stones can be used in unison.


  • Full Body 70mins €100
  • Back of Body 40mins €75
  • Back 30mins €65

Body Exfoliation

Aromatic scrub €40

Choose from our range of essential oils to add to your full body scrub for a lasting and effective treatment.

Spice scrub €40

A blend of spices, resins and wood exfoliates the skin to revive and lift lifes stresses.